Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Okay here's something for everyone that may seem off track and may make you cry.  The latin form of Croci reminded me of Jim Croce.  I saw him once in a little coffee house in Philly.  There used to be places where you could actully go and have a cup of coffee or two and listen to live performances for hours.  
He was wonderful.  I loved his songs and his sincere and really moving performances.  Unfortunlately he died in 1973 at the tender age of 30 in a plane crash.  While looking up his music on youtube I was struck by the number of young people who bemoaned the loss of performances like his in the comments.  No electronic back up, no lip synching, just a guy with a guitar and a couple of back up players making their own music. 
So here is a link to one of his best known and most poignant pieces.  There is more to mourn than a talent lost young in this saga. LINK  If you really want to cry check out some of this other songs with him playing.

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